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Crafty Chameleons arts and crafts lessons provide valuable time and space to create, socialise, and experiment. Children are provided with the opportunity to use both sides of the brain and develop those crucial fine motor skills, often under-developed in the current technology age. We are able to give children an opportunity to be creative, express themselves, be part of a community and escape from day-to-day stresses. There are classes for 3 different age groups (talk to me if  your children are in different age groups but you want them in the same class).



Children enrol for a term and attend one of our weekly classes, hosted at various venues and times. Classes are an hour long.

Discounts apply for siblings


school holiday

Our popular holiday club classes are held during the school holidays. Classes are 60 to 90 minutes, age dependent. Schedules will be posted on our Facebook page and here.


school extra-murals

Extra-mural classes are held at schools, they are an hour long.

Contact Karen should you want your school to host Creative Crafting Classes

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